by Mik Hyldebrandt

 Pride is full of fantastic events and parties, so we’ve asked a few people from the scene about what they’re up to during the busy rainbow weekend!

Join the Dancefloor Revolution

DJ Neon the Glowgobear lights up the DJ booth and packs dancefloors across the Southeast with his upbeat music style!

My Pride Plan

I’ll kick off my Pride by DJ’ing at TEN Atlanta on Friday 13, and Saturday night I will spin at the Atlanta Eagle alongside DJ Pat Scott for their “Indivisible” party. On Sunday, I’m hoping for some great weather to hang out with my family and friends at Piedmont Park during the day, and I’ll finish my weekend at the Atlanta Pride Official Closing party at Opera where one of my favorite DJs, Tony Moran, will be spinning.

My Pride Love

As a DJ, I have been so fortunate to meet an amazing cast of friends and chosen family. Atlanta Pride gives so many people the opportunity to visit, frolic, laugh, and celebrate all of our diversity in the city I am proud to call home.

My Pride Tip

Our events get crowded, so remember to say excuse, please, and thank you – the latter especially goes for all the police security, and volunteers who are making sure Pride is safe and enjoyable. Oh, and remember that CASH is KING when it comes to busy nightlife events!

Passion for Pride

John Walker is one of the major forces behind the official Official Atlanta Pride Kickoff party at the Georgia Aquarium. 

My Pride Plan

Since I am working the event, I will be at the Official Atlanta Pride Kickoff party at the Georgia Aquarium. I also try to make an appearance at every event across the city – Heretic, Jungle, Deep South, GA Boy – to show my support of our community. You will also find me at the festival and the parade.

My Pride Love

I stumbled onto my first Pride by accident on the weekend I moved to Atlanta in 1998 with my husband. It was very emotional seeing everyone living their best lives. Since then, Pride has become my passion, and I love seeing the diversity of our community shine bright for three days of the year.

My Pride Tip

Rest up the week of Pride as you will need the energy! Lighten up, and let others do what they want to do. Let your freak flag fly high. You do you!\

Appreciate the Fun

Jaye Lish lights up the stage at venues across the city and hosts the ‘off-dragway’ The Other Show at Jungle Atlanta.

My Pride Plan

My Pride weekend will start at The Other Show on Friday night. With Jungle closing this November, we try to have as much fun as possible. Sunday I will watch the parade with friends before I perform again at the Starlight Cabaret.

My Pride Love

So many people come to Atlanta from other cities and states. It gives us visibility and a chance to inspire someone to celebrate themselves in a way that they may not feel comfortable with or be allowed to in their day to day lives.

My Pride Tip

Have fun and be respectful of the space you are sharing with gay/straight/bi/queer/whatever people. Everyone is working hard and doing their best to give the weekend 110%, so give back that effort in appreciation.

Go Deeper

With 30+ years of DJ experience and an incredible energy, Vicki Powell is the uncrowned queen of the Atlanta queer underground music scene. She spearheads the amazing Deep South collective and hosts Sunday Service at Sister Louisa’s.

My Pride Plan

I’m throwing six parties in three days, so my Pride is busy! Friday night is Latin Discoteca at Mary’s, Saturday I’m presenting an all-female DJ lineup along with a female-only-presenting list of hosts at Deep South at the Music Room, plus a secret Deep South after-hours party. Sunday I’ll be DJ’ing at Henry’s Pride Parade Viewing Party, and later at Sunday Service at Church. I’ll end it all with a secret Sunday Service after-hours party.

My Pride Love

I love being able to create visibility for under-represented music, artists, and clubgoers. I seek to create spaces that are not homophobic, transphobic or racist and which provide an alternative to the more official Pride lineup – I want all of Atlanta’s diversity to shine!

My Pride Tip

Pride brings everyone out of the shadows so have an open mind to whomever you may encounter. Be respectful and accepting – and let your energy and love flow! Kindness is everything.

Afterhours Supporter

You have probably heard Robert Ansley spinning at both Midtown ‘gayborhood’ venues and underground events. He is a part of both Cardio ATL and Deep South – DJ collectives and music lover communities that are rooted in the underground music scene.

My Pride Plan

I’ll start my Pride at the Official Atlanta Pride Kickoff at the aquarium. Saturday, I want to show my support at the Trans March in Piedmont Park, an often overlooked part of our community that face very real struggles. Saturday night I’m excited to be at Deep South, and Sunday I’ll be carrying all day for the parade, the park, Tossed Salad and Vicki Powell’s Sunday Service at Church. Oh, and I may be playing some after-hours parties sprinkled across the weekend …

My Pride Love

Atlanta Pride has always held a special place in my heart. Since our celebration isn’t until October, we don’t have to worry about “competing” with Pride festivals everywhere else. This means our weekend has become a destination for queer folks from all over, and it really does feel like a family reunion.

My Pride Tip

You probably shouldn’t listen to some of my advice, but I recommend pacing yourself!! It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Oh, and make new friends!! All sorts of people come out for Pride so talk to that new cutie across the room. And then get their number…

Prepare Yourself!

Mike Woodside is a well-known figure in the Atlanta nightlife scene, and he is the man behind numerous events for his charity Ready4Hope.

My Pride Plan

I’ll be at the incredible Pride Kickoff at the aquarium and then go to the Heretic to where DJ Shane Stiel is spinning. Saturday I’ll be hosting the Kween on the Green gathering in Piedmont Park, and later it’s Xion after a short rest. Sunday I’ll be watching the parade from Zocalo’s and finish the weekend at the closing party at Opera.

My Pride Love

I love getting to celebrate diversity and equality in our community and having fun with my partner, local friends, and out of town friends.

My Pride Tip

Come prepared, leave the drama at home, and have a good time. Get tickets in advance, and dodge lines at Heretic, Jungle, and Xion – the aquarium party sells out every year, so don’t be that last-minute guy. If you are coming to the park, come prepared with everything you need like cash, gum, sunscreen, drinks, etc.

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