By Casey Denton

What do Festivals, Drag Races, and the Dogwood blooms have in common? If you said springtime in Midtown Atlanta, you are correct.   If you said things that make me want to drink, you would also be correct! 

As Atlanta begins to come back to life, we not only prepare to battle our bipolar weather and stock up on allergy medication; our restless selves tend to move outdoors.  We seek a patio, a porch, the park or any friend with a big deck for a good time and socialization.  As we all know, no party is complete without the perfect cocktail.  Try a couple of these for your next outdoor gathering.


Everything is better with tequila.  A statement that has rarely led me astray, in all honesty, it wasn’t a very straight path to begin with.  Here is one of my new favorites, Dulce Vida.  Dulce Vida is a 100% blue agave handcrafted tequila with some amazing all-natural flavors.  The Dulce Vida Lime is perfect for a little midday shot but even better on the rocks.  Their Pineapple Jalapeno is sweet with just a slight touch of heat which makes for an absolutely refreshing early evening cocktail.  Try the TNT.


2 oz Dulce Vida Pineapple Jalapeno

¼ oz Fresh Lime Juice

Fill with Soda

Light and refreshing is the way of spring but with a smooth and citrus-forward gin, like Aviation, fits the bill.  Aviation Gin is an American gin which tends to be smoother and more balanced with subtle hints of juniper. An excellent gin for the non-gin drinker.  The Southside with muddled mint and fresh lime juice will make the perfect cocktail for sitting out on the lanai pondering which Golden Girl you truly embody.  If you fall into the Blanche Devereaux category (let’s face it, most of us do), and find yourself entertaining a number of callers try whipping up a pitcher of fresh Strawberry Gin Smashes.

The Southside

2 oz Aviation Gin

¾ Fresh Lemon Juice

Muddled Mint Leaves (about 6)

¾ oz Simple Syrup


Strawberry Gin Smash (Serves 8)

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

2 limes, juiced

1 pound fresh strawberries

2 cups Aviation Gin

3 cups club soda

Fresh mint to garnish

If there’s one thing about midtown, it’s everybody loves vodka.  If you haven’t tried Western Son Vodka you should.  This 10 times distilled vodka is super clean and super smooth.  Their line of flavors are fabulous and tend to be a touch on the sweeter side, this is perfect for a fun springtime cocktail or two or four.  A couple of cocktails to try:  Prickly Pear Margarita and the Western Cooler.  The Prickly Pear Margarita is a balance of flavor and sweetness and the Western Cooler made with their cucumber vodka is an excellent choice for any beautiful spring day.

Prickly Pear Margarita

1 oz Western Son Prickly Pear Vodka

1 oz silver tequila

1 oz lime Juice

1 oz simple syrup




Western Cooler

1 ½ oz Western Son Cucumber Vodka

2 oz tonic

½ oz simple syrup

Squeeze of lime


Remember, Please Drink Responsibly

By Tyler Scruggs


The gay scene in Atlanta is vast and deeply embedded in the DNA of the city. Rather than centralizing itself to a singular gayborhood like West Hollywood or Wilton Manors, Atlanta opts for a more grassroots, tailor-made scene for diverse gay experiences. And thank the gods for that, because Atlantans themselves have far more to offer in terms of culture, music, and style than the Midtown scene alone. That’s not to say that plenty of fun can be had in Atlanta’s vibrantly-lit, Ariana Grande-scored, true-to- the-genre gay bars, but you may be unfamiliar with some queer-friendly spots in town that have plenty regarding great music, friendly service, and attractive folks. And with recent shake-ups in town like the (potential) closing of Cowtippers and Burkhart’s, you may just be in the market for a new regular spot.


The Cockpit

465 Boulevard SE

Still one of my favorites in Atlanta, this small, humble Grant Park gay bar in an innocuous shopping center isn’t going to be a particular hotspot in the community, but we can sure as hell try! With a more-than-competent karaoke set-up (eclipsing the likes of Mary’s, if you ask me) and friendly staff, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a queer space with breathing room and neighborly warmth like this one.


Amsterdam Pub

502 Amsterdam Ave NE

The size queens in Atlanta must not be familiar with Amsterdam Pub, cause this bar is HUGE. What’s essentially an Oscar’s on Steroids regarding bar design, this tucked away bar just north of Piedmont Park has a lot to offer in terms of themed nights and a gorgeous view from the patio.


Woofs on Piedmont

2425 Piedmont Rd NE

Are you a friendly cub who just so happens to be a Chicago Cubs fan? Woofs is for you. I love queer sports bars because it’s a chance to experience the camaraderie and massive positive energy sports can bring, without the toxic masculinity. Catch me there with a beer and a ballcap, but don’t bother me when baseball’s on (unless you’re handsome).


The Mercury

675 Ponce De Leon Ave, 2nd floor of Ponce City Market

Perched upon the second floor of Atlanta’s hugely successful lifestyle center Ponce City Market, The Mercury is a classy, usually quiet spot where the cocktails are as good as the conversation. With a friendly staff and a wonderful Monday special with up to half-off some classic cocktails. If you work in the area, you may have discovered your next post-work hangout.


Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium

466 Edgewood Ave

Although Yelp and other sites categorize Church as a gay bar, anyone who has been recently can tell you that it definitely leans more hipster-straight than queer on most occasions. That doesn’t mean it can’t be taken over by The Gays though, and it frequently is! Especially at Second Service on the second Sunday of every month.


Swinging Richards

1400 Northside Dr. NW

You know what I’m willing to go to bat for if you’re looking for a gay bar where you can sit and chat on a weeknight? Swinging-Frickin- Richards. Although there’s still a cover fee, there’s virtually no one there other than the staff and dancers, meaning you and your friends can have your pick of table, and attention from the dancers. It’s got everything you need — music, drinks, eye candy, and a place to have a conversation. If you’re in West Midtown, why the hell not?


Model T

699 Ponce de Leon Ave NE

Beneath the Beltline and at the base level of Ford Factor Lofts, the aptly-named Model T is a classic bar spot with games, food, and more. It’s definitely worth checking out for at least a drink while you stroll by on the beltline.


Friends On Ponce

736 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE

In the mood for a smokey, unpretentious crowd that has great music and a no-nonsense bar staff? You’re probably already familiar with Friends on Ponce, but it bears repeating. Any visit to Friends turns into a wild story to tell the next morning, and thank God for it.



893 Peachtree St NE

If you’re looking for a bar that caters to but doesn’t condescend to queer people of color, Bulldogs is for you. Though there’s an irritating $3 cover to get in daily and the bar is cash only, you won’t need more than a twenty to get you plenty of drinks and a good time. It’s worth checking out, especially if you’ve never given it the chance.


My Sister’s Room

66 12th St NE

Last but not least, the little lesbian bar that is the new host of Tossed Salad, Sunday night’s drag extravaganza previously home to Burkhart’s. If it wasn’t for the swift and smooth transition, who knows how differently the saga would’ve gone down? Regardless, it’s brought a spotlight to a great space that’s definitely going to grow in popularity thanks to its Midtown convenience and friendly staff.

Tyler Scruggs is a writer and musician living in Atlanta with his partner Mark. When he’s not churning out internet content, he’s paying too much for coffee and buying movie tickets weeks in advance. Follow him on Instagram @Scruggernaut and Twitter @TylerScruggs – or on Scruff (you’ll know it when you see it).

By Mik Hyldebrandt


Knocked back a few too many in celebration of the Holidays or the new year and woke up red-eyed and with a pounding head? We’re here to help with a few natural remedies to cure your hangover headaches.


Coconut Water

You need to hydrate your body and brain after heavy drinking and coconut water is perfect for that packing plenty of electrolytes.







Tomato Juice

… and not in a Bloody Mary! The juice contains vital nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that help the body process the alcohol better.






Ginger cures nausea and upset stomachs. If you can’t stand the thought of fresh ginger in water, a ginger ale can do the trick.








he potassium in bananas are perfect for aiding aching muscles, and the consistency is ideal if solid foods are too much.





Water with Lemon

Water is great for hydration on its own, and the lemon helps cleanse the system.






Regarding a hangover, fructose is your friend, and that is exactly what honey contains. Fructose helps the body rid itself of the last alcohol.

by Mik Hyldebrandt

 Pride is full of fantastic events and parties, so we’ve asked a few people from the scene about what they’re up to during the busy rainbow weekend!

Join the Dancefloor Revolution

DJ Neon the Glowgobear lights up the DJ booth and packs dancefloors across the Southeast with his upbeat music style!

My Pride Plan

I’ll kick off my Pride by DJ’ing at TEN Atlanta on Friday 13, and Saturday night I will spin at the Atlanta Eagle alongside DJ Pat Scott for their “Indivisible” party. On Sunday, I’m hoping for some great weather to hang out with my family and friends at Piedmont Park during the day, and I’ll finish my weekend at the Atlanta Pride Official Closing party at Opera where one of my favorite DJs, Tony Moran, will be spinning.

My Pride Love

As a DJ, I have been so fortunate to meet an amazing cast of friends and chosen family. Atlanta Pride gives so many people the opportunity to visit, frolic, laugh, and celebrate all of our diversity in the city I am proud to call home.

My Pride Tip

Our events get crowded, so remember to say excuse, please, and thank you – the latter especially goes for all the police security, and volunteers who are making sure Pride is safe and enjoyable. Oh, and remember that CASH is KING when it comes to busy nightlife events!

Passion for Pride

John Walker is one of the major forces behind the official Official Atlanta Pride Kickoff party at the Georgia Aquarium. 

My Pride Plan

Since I am working the event, I will be at the Official Atlanta Pride Kickoff party at the Georgia Aquarium. I also try to make an appearance at every event across the city – Heretic, Jungle, Deep South, GA Boy – to show my support of our community. You will also find me at the festival and the parade.

My Pride Love

I stumbled onto my first Pride by accident on the weekend I moved to Atlanta in 1998 with my husband. It was very emotional seeing everyone living their best lives. Since then, Pride has become my passion, and I love seeing the diversity of our community shine bright for three days of the year.

My Pride Tip

Rest up the week of Pride as you will need the energy! Lighten up, and let others do what they want to do. Let your freak flag fly high. You do you!\

Appreciate the Fun

Jaye Lish lights up the stage at venues across the city and hosts the ‘off-dragway’ The Other Show at Jungle Atlanta.

My Pride Plan

My Pride weekend will start at The Other Show on Friday night. With Jungle closing this November, we try to have as much fun as possible. Sunday I will watch the parade with friends before I perform again at the Starlight Cabaret.

My Pride Love

So many people come to Atlanta from other cities and states. It gives us visibility and a chance to inspire someone to celebrate themselves in a way that they may not feel comfortable with or be allowed to in their day to day lives.

My Pride Tip

Have fun and be respectful of the space you are sharing with gay/straight/bi/queer/whatever people. Everyone is working hard and doing their best to give the weekend 110%, so give back that effort in appreciation.

Go Deeper

With 30+ years of DJ experience and an incredible energy, Vicki Powell is the uncrowned queen of the Atlanta queer underground music scene. She spearheads the amazing Deep South collective and hosts Sunday Service at Sister Louisa’s.

My Pride Plan

I’m throwing six parties in three days, so my Pride is busy! Friday night is Latin Discoteca at Mary’s, Saturday I’m presenting an all-female DJ lineup along with a female-only-presenting list of hosts at Deep South at the Music Room, plus a secret Deep South after-hours party. Sunday I’ll be DJ’ing at Henry’s Pride Parade Viewing Party, and later at Sunday Service at Church. I’ll end it all with a secret Sunday Service after-hours party.

My Pride Love

I love being able to create visibility for under-represented music, artists, and clubgoers. I seek to create spaces that are not homophobic, transphobic or racist and which provide an alternative to the more official Pride lineup – I want all of Atlanta’s diversity to shine!

My Pride Tip

Pride brings everyone out of the shadows so have an open mind to whomever you may encounter. Be respectful and accepting – and let your energy and love flow! Kindness is everything.

Afterhours Supporter

You have probably heard Robert Ansley spinning at both Midtown ‘gayborhood’ venues and underground events. He is a part of both Cardio ATL and Deep South – DJ collectives and music lover communities that are rooted in the underground music scene.

My Pride Plan

I’ll start my Pride at the Official Atlanta Pride Kickoff at the aquarium. Saturday, I want to show my support at the Trans March in Piedmont Park, an often overlooked part of our community that face very real struggles. Saturday night I’m excited to be at Deep South, and Sunday I’ll be carrying all day for the parade, the park, Tossed Salad and Vicki Powell’s Sunday Service at Church. Oh, and I may be playing some after-hours parties sprinkled across the weekend …

My Pride Love

Atlanta Pride has always held a special place in my heart. Since our celebration isn’t until October, we don’t have to worry about “competing” with Pride festivals everywhere else. This means our weekend has become a destination for queer folks from all over, and it really does feel like a family reunion.

My Pride Tip

You probably shouldn’t listen to some of my advice, but I recommend pacing yourself!! It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Oh, and make new friends!! All sorts of people come out for Pride so talk to that new cutie across the room. And then get their number…

Prepare Yourself!

Mike Woodside is a well-known figure in the Atlanta nightlife scene, and he is the man behind numerous events for his charity Ready4Hope.

My Pride Plan

I’ll be at the incredible Pride Kickoff at the aquarium and then go to the Heretic to where DJ Shane Stiel is spinning. Saturday I’ll be hosting the Kween on the Green gathering in Piedmont Park, and later it’s Xion after a short rest. Sunday I’ll be watching the parade from Zocalo’s and finish the weekend at the closing party at Opera.

My Pride Love

I love getting to celebrate diversity and equality in our community and having fun with my partner, local friends, and out of town friends.

My Pride Tip

Come prepared, leave the drama at home, and have a good time. Get tickets in advance, and dodge lines at Heretic, Jungle, and Xion – the aquarium party sells out every year, so don’t be that last-minute guy. If you are coming to the park, come prepared with everything you need like cash, gum, sunscreen, drinks, etc.

By Gregg Shapiro

October is coming. Time to pull together an amazing list of new options to create your LGBT Month playlist.

It’s been more than 30 years since UK duo Pet Shop Boys, led by out front-man Neil Tennant, burst onto the music scene. Early PSB hit singles, “West End Girls” and “Opportunities”, led us straight to the dance floor. The Dusty Springfield duet “What Have I Done To Deserve This?” became an instant classic and their reverent cover of Village People’s “Go West” took on new meaning when it was released in 1993 at the height of the AIDS era. PSB’s first five albums received the expanded reissue treatment in 2001 and three later releases – 1999’s Nightlife, 2002’s Release and 2006’s Fundamental (all on Parlophone/Rhino) – are getting their due. Each set contains remastered versions of the original discs, as well as “Further Listening” discs featuring demos, a variety of mixes, live tracks and more, some of which are either previously unreleased or heretofore unreleased on CD.

Nightlife is notable for the heartbreaking “You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk”, the clubby “Closer To Heaven” (also featured in the stage musical of the same name, co-written by PSB and Beautiful Thing playwright Jonathan Harvey) and the Village People homage “New York City Boy”. The Nightlife package includes two additional “Further Listening” discs with songs from 1996-2000. Easily one of the most daring and enduring albums in the PSB oeuvre, Releasefeatures The Smiths’ Johnny Marr (with whom Tennant collaborated on the Electronic side-project), giving the material a new edge. PSB doesn’t abandon its trademark sound, simply augments it, as you can hear on “Home and Dry”, “I Get Along”, “You Choose” and Eminem jab “The Night I Fell In Love”. As with NightlifeRelease features two “Further Listening” discs with songs from 2001-2004. The third installment in the reissue series, Fundamental (featuring the brilliant “The Sodom and Gomorrah Show”) is a bit of a curiosity. When it was initially issued, the disc was available with the eight-songFundamentalism bonus disc. The “Further Listening” disc for the Fundamental reissue, consisting of 22 previously unreleased songs from 2005-2007, only includes a few fromFundamentalism (the Elton John duet on “In Private” has been scuttled to the expanded Release).

It’s unfortunate what bisexual popstar Kesha had to go through regarding her legal battle with music Svengali Dr. Luke. At the end of the day, however, she has emerged a better, more mature and original artist than she was while under his thumb. Her new album Rainbow (RCA), which is as celebratory as it is serious, is a career high point. Anthemic and empowering numbers such as “Bastards”, “Let ‘Em Talk” (featuring Eagles of Death Metal), “Woman” (featuring The Dap-Kings Horns), “Hymn”, “Praying”, “Learn To Let Go” and the title tune are good examples of making the personal universal and many of her LGBTQ fans are sure to find something to relate to in her struggles. Kesha even unleashes her inner cowgirl on “Boots”, “Hunt You Down”, “Spaceship” and “Old Flames (Can’t Hold A Candle To You)”, a duet with Dolly Parton co-written by Kesha’s mother Pebe Sebert


The Kele Okereke you hear on Fatherland (BMG/The End) isn’t just vastly different from the one you heard when he was the openly gay front-man of art-punk band Bloc Party, but also unlike the one you heard on his solo albums, 2010’s The Boxerand 2014’s Trick. First of all, he’s no longer a one-named artist. Gone are the synths and electronic beats, replaced by a more stripped-down approach.

What you get is an honest to goodness organic singer/songwriter album with standouts including “You Keep On Whispering His Name”, “Streets Been Talkin’”, the flirty cabaret of “Capers”, the retro soul of “Do U Right”, the emotional “Savannah” and the stunning “Portrait”. That’s Olly Alexander (gay front-man of Years & Years) joining Okereke on “Grounds For Resentment” and Grammy-winner Corinne Bailey Rae on “Versions of Us”.

There may be some Grizzly Bear fans who will struggle with the more accessible (read: commercial) sound of Painted Ruins (RCA/Grizzly Bear Music) and that’s to be expected. Ever since openly gay front-man Ed Droste released the first Grizzly Bear album Horn of Plenty as a solo artist (before being joined by band members Daniel Rossen, Christopher Bear and Chris Taylor), there has been an ongoing evolution of sound from lo-fi to chamber pop and even inclusion in TV ads, giving the band some of its greatest exposure. In a way, it makes sense that Grizzly Bear’s first album for a major label would have a more wide-reaching musical appeal (even if the lyrics remain somewhat obscure). “Mourning Sound”, “Three Rings”, “Aquarian” and “Neighbors” could easily earn Grizzly Bear an even larger following.

You may be familiar with LP as a performer of her own songs on albums including 2001’s Heart Shaped Scar, 2004’sSuburban Sprawl and Alcohol or 2014’s Forever For Now. Or you may recognize her as Laura Pergolizzi, songwriter for other artists including Christina Aguilera and Rihanna. Either way, you don’t want to miss her fourth full-length album Lost On You (Vagrant/BMG). Aside from opening with “Muddy Waters”, featured in the devastating season four finale ofOrange Is the New Black, it’s easy to understand why LP chose to record these songs herself rather than share them with others. She raises the roof with the stomping “No Witness”, explores her inner dance diva on “When We’re High” and “Up Against Me”, cuts deep on the emotional “Switchblade”, and deserves to have her own hits with songs including “Death Valley”, “Strange” and “Other People”.

To this day, there are at least two musical genres – jazz and hip-hop — in which LGBTQ artists are still well in the minority. To be fair, that is changing rapidly, thanks to artists such as Gary Burton, Patricia Barber, Lea DeLaria and Andy Bey in jazz and Frank Ocean, Thee Satisfaction and Big Freedia in hip-hop.

We can now add out performer Tyler, the Creator to the queer rapper roster, especially due to the frankness of his buzzworthy new album Scum Fuck Flower Boy (Columbia). The most cited line, “I been kissing white boys since 2004” from “I Ain’t Got Time!” is especially notable given that just a few years ago, Tyler was considered homophobic due to the number of slurs he spat on his 2011 debut disc Goblin. Similarly, “Garden Shed”, with its references to “hiding” and a “garden shed for the garçons/and feelings that I was guarding”, is making an unexpected but welcome statement. Of course, time will tell how the hip-hop world will respond and the impact it will have on Tyler’s future creations.

Gay pianist and composer Fred Hersch’s new album has the fitting title Open Book (Palmetto) as it being released at the same time as his memoir Good Things Happen Slowly. Four of the seven tracks feature Hersch’s piano interpretations of the Benny Golson classic “Whisper Not”, Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Zingaro”, Thelonious Monk’s “Eronel”, and even Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes”, which rounds out the disc. The original compositions include “The Orb”, “Plainsong” and the album’s epic centerpiece, “Through The Forest”, which clocks in at almost 20 minutes.


All hail the

fairy dust queen

On the eve of her Music Midtown performance, Tove Lo chats us up about all things ‘Lady Wood’

By Gregg Shapiro

It’s been a couple of years since bisexual Swedish singer/songwriter Tove Lo made an impact with her debut disc Queen of the Clouds, containing the hit singles “Talking Body” and “Habits (Stay High).” For those who waited patiently for her second album, the rewards are plentiful on Lady Wood (Island).

As you might have gleaned from the title on the disc, split into “Fairy Dust” and “Fire Fade” sections, Lo lets her “dirty mind” (so named in the title track) run wild. Opening with a pair of House-inspired tunes, “Influence” (featuring Wiz Khalifa) and the aforementioned title cut, the artist loosens up on the beats on “The Disaster,” “WTF Love Is” and “Cool Girl,” then finds her way back to the club on album closer “Keep It Simple.”

With an Atlanta performance scheduled for Music Midtown on Sept. 16, we spoke with Tove Lo about her music, her process, her influences, and her tattoos.

Queen of the Clouds is divided into four sections. Lady Wood is in two parts. Why do you divide your albums?

It was important to me that it was clear that it’s one body of work. There’s a storytelling element to it; a sequence of events and emotions. I never plan it when I write, but because I write about what’s going on in my life, what’s going on around me, and what’s in my head and my heart, it’s natural to put them in an order that lets you follow the emotional ride, so to speak.

The “Fairy Dust” mini-movie, which incorporates songs from Lady Wood, begins with the quote “There is nothing pure about the way we do things.”

Growing up in Sweden, I noticed it’s maybe a bit more liberal when it comes to sex. Sex isn’t seen as something shameful. Women’s sexuality isn’t seen as something shameful. When I came to the States and started touring, it’s where I first got the reaction that it’s something to be ashamed of, that I’m a bad girl or whatever. To me, it was a shock.

There’s a difference between being provocative and for something to be fun and stir up emotions. There’s a big difference between being good and being pure. Pure isn’t necessarily a good thing.

A lot of times the shame comes from religious descriptions. I think it’s a sad way to raise people because it makes you feel guilty about who you are. Especially if you are coming out as gay. So many friends of mine, the years that they felt ashamed of themselves, makes me so sad; it’s not fair. Because it’s really all about love.

There’s a same-sex romance in the “Fairy Dust” mini movie, too. Do you celebrate Pride?

I feel like I do that every day! [laughs]

In the song “Imaginary Friend,” you sing about “how kids get high,” as well as being “under the influence” on “Influence.” The songs “Not On Drugs” and “Habits (Stay High)” also include similar references.

It’s been part of my life as an escape and an enhancement in certain situations. For me, it becomes, “Should I or shouldn’t I mention this”? I decided not to have a filter and just be honest about my life, so it becomes part of my songs.

What can you tell me about your ink?

I started at 17 with my little scorpion under my collarbone because I’m a Scorpio. It feels very classic. But the rest of it is paintings by (artist) Mark Ryden that I love.

Lo means lynx in Swedish, which has been my nickname since I was a kid. I now have that on my hand. My vagina symbol on my arm, my ‘lady wood’ symbol that I felt needed to be with me forever. I think that’s all I have.

You’re currently on tour and hitting Atlanta soon. What do you enjoy most about performing live?

What’s been so amazing is that we’re combining festivals and club shows with opening for Coldplay in stadiums; the three most different kinds of shows.

I feed off the energy of the audience so much. It’s an hour, hour and a half a day that I get to fully emotionally be very present and not think of anything else. It’s the most present I am at all times. There’s nothing to distract me from whatever is going on onstage. It’s a very freeing feeling.


See Tove Lo at Music Midtown on Sept. 16 in Piedmont Park. Visit

Here’s how to ‘Party with Impact’

Annual fundraising party celebrates client-centered care organization Positive Impact Health Centers

By Mike Fleming

Hard to believe it’s been more than two-and-a-half decades that some gay caregiving professionals noticed that even as improvement in medical care came, no one was treating the mental affects of HIV and AIDS. Enter Positive Impact Health Centers, which has been serving Atlanta’s HIV-positive population ever since.

Ultimately expanding to help eliminate the risk of HIV transmission, the organization features an assortment of programs including community outreach, HIV and STD testing, counseling for groups and individuals, prevention and education services, substance abuse treatment, internship programs and empowerment groups for gay and bisexual men, among others.

In 2015, Positive Impact and another long-standing AIDS service organization, AID Gwinnett, became one. The merger allowed Positive Impact Health Centers to soar to new heights and access an even broader database, all solely catering to its core mission to help local people with HIV.

Millennium Gate Museum

To honor the organization’s influence on the community, you are cordially invited along with allies, friends and loved ones to celebrate the past, present and future of Positive Impact Health Centers on Saturday, Sept. 23, at the Millennium Gate Museum.


Party With Impact is the annual fundraising event with food, provided by Proof of the Pudding from Street Taco Bar, Dixie Slider Bar, and more, as well as an open bar, and music.


While you mix and mingle, the first floor of the museum will be open with exhibits on Georgia’s History & Families. Main Event tickets are $100 per person, but if you’re able, spring for the Host Committee tickets. Set at $200 for individuals and $350 for couples, the host tickets include a private reception on the 5th and 6th floor of the museum, which will be closed to other guests. All of the proceeds go to the care of people affected by HIV in metro Atlanta.


Party With Impact takes place at the Millennium Gate Museum, 395 17th Street NW, on Sunday, Sept. 23 at 7:30 p.m.

Autumn 2017’s tea dance playlist starts with Arcade Fire, who hits Atlanta this week


By Gregg Shapiro


Arcade Fire has been encouraging us to dance since its first full-length album, 2004’s Funeral. But it wasn’t until 2013;s Reflektor that the band fully embraced its inner dance diva.


Everything Now (Columbia) continues in a similar vein, beginning with the title cut. But don’t be deceived by the exuberant beats and synths. The song is really about out of control consumerism.


In fact, the album is full of messages set to irresistible beats, including “Signs of Life,” “Creature Comfort,” and “Electric Blue.” Now, Everything Now lacks the impact of 2007’s The Neon Bible or 2010’s Grammy-winning The Suburbs, but that doesn’t mean that Arcade Fire has run out of steam. You can see for yourself when the band hits Infinite Energy Center on Sept. 21.


Meanwhile there’s tons of great dance stuff happening this season, and we’re all over it. The creative DJ/production pair Oliver (Vaughn Oliver and Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein) give listeners an idea of what Daft Punk and Air might have sounded like if they were from L.A. and not France, on its debut album Full Circle (Interscope).


Other influences, including acts from the original Casablanca Records roster and Tom Tom Club, go a long way in broadening Oliver’s appeal. An impressive array of guest artists include gay singer Sam Sparro (“Last Forever”), De La Soul (“Heart Attack”), MNDR (“Chemicals”), Elohim (“Wherever We Are”), Leon Else (“Love Like This”), Chromeo (“Go With It”) and Yelle (“Heterotopia”). They all contribute to making Full Circle a well-rounded release.


The members of Vampire Weekend have been busy with solo projects since the band’s 2013 album Modern Vampires of the City. Bass player Chris Baio just released Man of the World (Glassnote) under the moniker Baio. It’s an ear-pleasing pastiche of ‘80s synth pop with plenty of beats for your feet, especially on the title cut, “Out of Tune.” We also love  “Philosophy!,” “Sensitive Guy” and “Shame In My Name.” Baio tips his hat to VW on “The Key Is Under The Mat” and “I’m Not Curious”.


The soaring double-disc set Take Flight (I Am Me/BMG) by UK musician and DJ Maya Jane Coles can be enjoyed whether you’re jacking up your heart rate on your feet or bobbing your head from the comfort of your seat. Coles firmly embraces the repetitive house music esthetic to lift listeners to the next level and beyond. This is best exemplified on “Won’t Let You Down,” “Werk,” “Go On and Make It Through,” “A Chemical Affair,” “Keep Me War,” “Stay” and “Lucky Charm.”



Echo Papa ( by Air Traffic Controller may only be seven songs long, but the band makes a strong impression in a short amount of time. “Keeping Bees,” for example, is like a pot of honey and worth the sting. “After Party” will have some scrambling for an invitation, and “Doubt” undoubtedly has a dance-worthy beat.


For someone whose bread and butter is high-energy dance music, Calvin Harris takes an unusual detour with the laid-back beats on Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 (Columbia). With the emphasis on bounce and a distinctive lean towards vintage vibe, Harris enlists gay hip-hop star Frank Ocean and Migos (“Slide”), Ariana Grande, Pharrell William and Young Thug (“Heatstroke”), Katy Perry, Pharrell and Big Sean (“Feels”), Future and Khalid (“Rollin’”), Snoop Dogg and John Legend (“Holiday”), Nikki Minaj (“Skrt on Me”) for a set of sunny tunes.


A long time ago, in the `80s, if you were a band and you dressed a certain way, or if your album cover artwork had a specific look, chances are that the listener was assured that your music would sound a particular way. How things have changed! That’s what’s so funny about From The Outside (Capitol/Hi or Hey/Caroline) by Hey Violet.


The members of Hey Violet are definitely poseurs, but they deserve a little credit for making memorable dance music on “Brand New Moves” and “All We Ever Wanted.” They also get points for pretending to be punkish on songs such as “Fuqboi,” “Guys My Age” and “This Is Me Breaking Up With You.”

These Big Peach bartenders will stop at nothing to show you a good time in Gay Atlanta.

Photos by Russ Youngblood

When you walk into an iconic Atlanta gay bar, the friendly guys on the following pages may be the first faces you see. Whether for an after-work drink, a night on the town, or some down time with your brethren, step right up and let one of them pour you a cocktail.


JAMES Kuhn, 30

Burkhart’s Pub


What do you love about Burkhart’s?

The diversity. Everyone is welcome, and everyone has a great time.


What’s your signature drink?

Strawberry Starburst. It’s a rum-based cocktail that’s sweet and tart. It tastes just like the candy!


Why should patrons come see you?

You’ll always leave with a smile on your face, and have a great time.



ROBIN Oliver, 46

Blake’s on the Park


What’s the best thing about Blake’s?

It’s the great mix of fun and friendly people. You will see every human expression walk through the doors of Blake’s at some point. It’s exciting, fun and unexpected.


What’s your favorite drink to make?

Bloody Mary. It’s my favorite thing to drink, so I have my tried and trusted recipe. Have you ever tried a gin Bloody Mary? You should.


Why should customers as for you?

We can talk about any topic from French Existentialism to what to see and do in Atlanta. I have a great smile – and I’m told a great ass!



WILL Smith, 48



What’s the best thing about Bulldogs?

The drinks. They’re awesome!


What’s your signature drink?

The Ciroc Gang Bang!


Why should guys come see you?

Because I and the whole staff here aim to please our customers and make your visit a great experience.




BJ Roosters


What do you love about BJ’s?

We have the delicious drinks and the dancers to go with it.


What’s your favorite drink to make?

Long Island Iced Tea


Why should customers ask for you?

Most of my customers become my friends. Come have a shot with me, and let’s spill the tea!




KIRBY Morin, 36

Atlanta Eagle


What’s your favorite thing about the Eagle?

We are welcoming and friendly, we pour great drinks, and we host some of the best DJs in town.


What’s your best mix drink?

I make a mean Jack & Coke


Why should patrons belly up to your bar?

I’m friendly and new to Atlanta. Give me advice on the area, and let’s crack a joke. If you don’t have a sense of humor in life, what’s the point?



TRAVIS Russo, 27

Ten Atlanta

Also Our Cover Guy Peach of the Week


What’s the best thing about Ten?

It’s gotta be the good vibes and friendly staff.


What’s your favorite drink to make?

Vodka Soda


Why should guys come to you?

For a memorable experience, guaranteed.



RICHARD Ramirez, 41

The Heretic


What do you love about Heretic?

It’s a real melting pot with its different variety of events.


What’s your favorite mixed drink?

Jack & Coke


Why should patrons ask for you?

I’m always ready to serve with a smile.



J-Rod, 35

Swinging Richards


What’s the best thing about Swinging Richards?

Some say it’s the dancers, but we say it’s the customers.


What’s your signature mixed drink?

Red Snapper: Crown, Amaretto and Cran


Why should customers come to you?

I always make people smile.

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