Although you may not share the experience of being a POC in today’s America, there are many ways in which you can show be a non-optical ally. Remember, it is your own responsibility to educate yourself on how to be non-racist; it is not your Black friends’ responsibility to teach you.

  1. Understand what allyship is
    Allyship can be merely optical and superficial, so be aware that allyship should help dismantle the systems that oppress marginalized people
  2. Check in on your Black loved ones
    Black friends, families, coworkers are going through an emotional and even traumatic time right now, so offer your support attention and support
  3. Be ready to do the work
    Coming to terms with privilege can mean digging deep and going through some hard emotions like guilt, shame and anger
  4. Start reading
    Disliking racism is good but reading up on how to be antiracist is even better and will help to explain many nuances
  5. Limit what you share
    You may have good intentions of sharing graphic content, but the images of violence and abuse may be triggering for many Black people
  6. Consider donating
    There are many platforms that support Black people and help further the message of anti-racism
  7. This isn’t about you
    It is great that you empathize but don’t insert your personal experiences into the narrative that is basically not about you
  8. Outrage is good, support is better
    Display of outrage is good and often a catalyst to offer support – but don’t let your support stop with outrage
  9. Stop supporting hate
    It’s time to take inventory of where you read your news and what organizations you support. You may be inadvertently supporting hate.
  10. Long-term change
    How do you affect change in the long run? Do you become a mentor for someone? Become part of an organization that supports Black communities?
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