By Mik Hyldebrandt


Knocked back a few too many in celebration of the Holidays or the new year and woke up red-eyed and with a pounding head? We’re here to help with a few natural remedies to cure your hangover headaches.


Coconut Water

You need to hydrate your body and brain after heavy drinking and coconut water is perfect for that packing plenty of electrolytes.







Tomato Juice

… and not in a Bloody Mary! The juice contains vital nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that help the body process the alcohol better.






Ginger cures nausea and upset stomachs. If you can’t stand the thought of fresh ginger in water, a ginger ale can do the trick.








he potassium in bananas are perfect for aiding aching muscles, and the consistency is ideal if solid foods are too much.





Water with Lemon

Water is great for hydration on its own, and the lemon helps cleanse the system.






Regarding a hangover, fructose is your friend, and that is exactly what honey contains. Fructose helps the body rid itself of the last alcohol.

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