By Mik Hyldebrandt


Cuddling is by far one of the best means of physical affection. You get closer and more comfortable with each other, and you even get happier as a good cuddle session releases anti-stress hormones into your body. And as with any cozy cuddling, there’s no telling what it can lead to of other activities. Here a few essentials for the perfect cuddle.


The right onesie makes you want to just live in it, It’s comfortable, cozy, and kind of sexy too.

Boohoo Onesie, $54








If you’re more of a traditionalist, there is nothing wrong with going the pajama route which are practically made for a little, cuddly nap.

Hanes Pajama Set, $27







A good hoodie is another live-in piece of clothing that should instantly make your heart rate go down just from wearing it.

Mack Weldon Hooded Sweatshirt, $88






Shorts that stretch and are made of the softest material are perfect for getting close to your boo.

Vuori Evolution Yoga Short, $79







To turn up the heat, why not cuddle under a blanket together?

Eddie Bauer Cabin Plaid Flannel Sherpa Throw Red, $32






Pillows are a must to make you both as comfortable as possible – plus a good pillow adds a touch of style to the whole thing!

H&M Home Pillow (Case), $6







When you lounge why not do it in the softest – and yes, cuddliest – kind of cotton?

Uniqlo Supima Cotton T-Shirt, $10







These slippers are like a blanket for your feet – so comfortable and cozy!

Mahabi Slippers, $110







Need a little cuddle assistance? Try on a large teddy bear for size …

Teddy Bears, $35

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