– a Peach Take-Over Event


Peach presents the first of our take-over event series, WHEN LOVE TAKEs OVER, created by Tom Thomas (Thomas Le).


The purpose of WHEN LOVE TAKEs OVER is to celebrate and give back to our vibrant community by partnering with local businesses and nonprofits to create unique, monthly pop-up events that garner support and a renewed sense of togetherness that give love and life back to the businesses and community.


For the inaugural celebration, we are partnering with #IAmMidtown for a Sunday Funday event that both celebrates this organization that works hard to make Midtown thrive, and all of the people – you! – who are a part of our diverse Atlanta community.


The first WHEN LOVE TAKEs OVER event will also feature an exclusive, new venue; the rooftop of 5Church on Colony Square (formerly Shout). The new space will open for the first time to accommodate the event.


The What, When and Where!

What: WHEN LOVE TAKEs OVER – a Peach Take-Over Event*

When: March 11, 3:30-7 pm – Arrive at 3:30 pm to be part of an epic photo op in front of the Midtown sign on Colony Square (courtesy of McCall Studios)!

Where: 5Church Atlanta, 1197 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30361


*WHEN LOVE TAKEs OVER is an open-invitation event and may be subject to a suggested donation or cover charge.





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