You found him. You fell for him. You got him. Now what? Here are the things to remember to keep every relationship going long after the initial thrill is gone.

By Mike Fleming


Talk about the hard stuff. It’s not an option to hole up and be silent.


Value Plus

Look for someone who values the same things as you but also can teach you/show you new things and vice versa


Make like a Plant

Anna Madrigal in ‘Tales of the City’ says, “All of life is maintenance, dear” Tend it; feed it; keep it growing.


Be Honest
It beats lying, even when it hurts, and even when it can get you in trouble. In fact, especially then.


Your best match most likely gets your sense of humor. The couple that laughs together, stays together.


Respect & Empathy
When you’re angry, tired or arguing, the one thing that will last longer than any of it is hitting below the belt.


Keep Date Nights
Life happens, and suddenly you haven’t had time to enjoy each other outside daily grind. Schedule it.


Sit. Stay
Agree that neither of you will put up his toys and leave the game when the going gets tough.


We Over Me
While you should both be getting what you need, the couple, not the individual, should be getting what it wants. Compromise.


As the sage gurus Leslie and Ben taught us on ‘Parks & Recreation,’ nothing beats, ‘I love you and I like you.’



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