Meak Productions, Inc., the World’s 1st LGBTQ-exclusive Talent Agency & Production Company, presents the 4th installment of the Limited-Edition campaign, SUIT & TIE/BLACK & WHITE.

Starring the CEO, Miko Evans along with premiere Make-Up artist, Elijah Jones and featuring Angela Hutchins (1st Lady of History of Black Gay America) and Eddie “Clark” Posey (Mr. Meak Productions 2016) who are both celebrating their 5th anniversaries of being part of the Meak Productions talent pool.

Inspired by the platinum-selling single by award-winning artist, Justin Timberlake, this campaign showcases talents on the roster in a debonair, couture, and professional manner, reflecting the feel of the 1960s with modern-day style. 

“Very seldom do you get to see in the media members of the LGBTQ+ community in professional style and class, like business suits, couture wear and business attire. With our agency, one of our missions is to show our community in a more diverse and inclusive light that doesn’t confirm the usual stereotypes about LGBTQ+ people”, stated Miko Evans, Meak Pro’s Executive Producer.

2021 will mark the 5th Anniversary and the Finale of this limited-edition campaign. Future couture-style and business wear will be incorporated in Meak Productions’ annual signature campaigns, which happens every quarter with a theme that reflects the changing seasons and major holidays.  Each campaign features talent photos, along with keepsakes such as campaign posters and signature talent wallpaper posters in digital format.

Visit the campaign website now to download the signature wallpapers, posters, and feature photos at

This campaign is sponsored by the MAE Corporation USA & Peach ATL Media.

Created and produced by Meak Productions, Inc.

Learn more at

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