Peach List: 9 smart habits every gay man needs

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This week’s 10 things that make you a Basic Bitch calls out bad gay priorities. Here’s a list of things to worry about instead.

By Mike Fleming

Stay in Touch
On the list of things you should actually worry about, keeping up with friends and family should take top priority. One study shows long-term friends are as beneficial as quitting smoking.

No More Drama
Almost nothing is a crisis. People are almost never intentionally hurting you. Find the perspective to stop turning every small setback into a catastrophe.

Fake Rules
Gay men are “shoulding” ourselves to death. There’s a difference between having values and standards and making up rules for ourselves and everyone else. Think of every “should” as a “could,” then decide if it really matters that much.

Go to Bed
Getting up a half hour earlier – or if you just can’t, going to bed half-an-hour earlier – can change your life.

Get Organized
Write things down, give everything a place and put it there, declutter, put systems in place. The stress reduction alone will make you better.

Dress Up
We’re not saying to look good is to feel good, but it does in fact help. Take the time, and it shows to other people as well.

Information Breaks
“Staccato signals of constant information” isn’t just a Paul Simon lyric. Set time aside to turn off your phone, computer, TV and all other electronics and reconnect with your surroundings.

Control Sugar
Processed sugar – the granular stuff and things flavored with corn syrup – is just as addictive as cocaine – yes, really. Beyond that, it’s holding us back. The sweet stuff has been linked to colon cancer and heart disease, and it does crazy shit to your mood.

Gym selfies and shirtless pics are basic AF, but kickstarting your metabolism each day is a great way to love yourself – and as a result, everything and everyone else around you.


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