Photo: LaRue Caillet

Model: Rashad Harrington, Allure Models

Styling & Makeup: Nat Brown
Clothing: Boy Next Door Menswear

  1. Today there 25+ black gay pride celebrations across America
  2. Black gay prides started because the community did not see themselves fairly represented during the ‘mainstream’ pride celebrations
  3. D.C. Pride is considered the first of the black LGBT prides
  4. Atlanta Black Pride was started in 1996
  5. Atlanta Black Pride started as a picnic and has grown to be the largest black pride in the country
  6. Black Gay Prides give a voice to specific issues unique to the black LGBTQ community
  7. Earlier this year, Atlanta Black Pride launched a campaign under the hashtag #ReclaimingATLBlackPride
  8. The hashtag speaks to their goals to educate, empower, and celebrate the black LBGT community.
  9. Atlanta Black Pride events are hosted by In The Life Atlanta (ITLA)
  10. Besides the official program, there is a multitude of parties as well


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