By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

With everything seemingly flipped upside down, our emotions are worn on our sleeve, and we connect to our world on a more emotional level. That also means that our focus has shifted from merely looking our best to feeling our best. We don’t just want products that make us look great – we use them to calm our spirits and provide us with moments of much-needed me time. 

Home Spa Moments
Take solace in a bit of self-care and discover a bit of ‘me-time’ enjoyment from the products you use.

Masked Up and ‘Mascne’

Although the alternative is far worse, you run the risk of irritating the skin when you wear a face covering. That means a slightly new routine when caring for your skin, so you don’t get ‘mascne’ – and coincidentally, that means wearing a mask too, just a different one.

What is ‘Mascne’?
Mascne is a combination of the words mask and acne, which describes a condition many have experienced from wearing a mask for a prolonged time. The mask creates very humid conditions for the skin under, which can lead to irritation, redness, or even acne-like breakouts.

3 Steps to Prevent Mascne

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